We love to learn from INSPIRING SCHOLARSHIP on Vietnam, and we help NURTURE those Inspired to produce it.


We know that AMAZING IDEAS come from looking at issues in new ways, and we facilitate an INTERDISCIPLINARY DIALOGUE to encourage this.


We believe that MAGIC happens when we interact with each other as INTELLECTUAL EQUALS, and we create an ENVIRONMENT to enable this.

THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE is the hallmark of the Engaging With Vietnam: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue initiative.


It is where scholars present their latest research and it is where we are all exposed to interdisciplinary perspectives on the conference theme through stimulating keynote sessions.


Each year the conference attracts a wide variety of participants, from established to emerging scholars.

The #HACKATHON is our new initiative to actively nurture the talent of the future!!

The interdisciplinary dialogue and scholarly engagement take various forms and continue throughout the year.

And DIGITAL MEDIA helps keep the scholarly engagement active throughout the year. Come see what our friends and colleagues have to say. . .

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engagingwithvietnam (at) gmail.com